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How does “Nonlocaldns” work?
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Array L3VPN "Nonlocaldns" mechanism before 8.3.1.*:
When this feature is set and vpn is started,
1) Remove other DNS:
all the DNS server list of client local NIC are removed. If dns server list is abtained by DHCP, it is changed to
2) Stop DNS service.
3) Start client DNS service.
Step2 and step3 is to force DNS client flush.
Because only Array VPN NIC DNS is set, all the DNS requests are sent to Array VPN.
When vpn is stopped,
1) restore all hte DNS server list of client NIC.
2) Stop vpn.
When PC is rebooted abnormally, but Array L3VPN is not existed,
1) When PC startup, array vpn service is auto started.
2) Old DNS will be restored. 

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