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How does RTS work with ARP?
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RTS and ARP keep a separate table of IP to MAC addresses mapping. When there exists an entry of IP to MAC in both tables the time out will be based on their expiration setting. RTS will be expired when the entry is idle for 60 secs by default. The ARP entry will be expired every 5 minutes. An ARP broadcast will be sent when the entry is expired from both tables, and traffic will trigger an ARP broadcast.  When only the entry is expired from the ARP table and still valid in the RTS table due to active traffic, the status of the entry in the ARP is incomplete. RTS prevents the ARP broadcast from being sent to maintenance status quo for existing traffic. Even though the status is incomplete in the ARP table the traffic will still going thru. New connections will be allowed, and the ARP table will be updated with new traffic.

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