SIP SLB Definition

Array SIP load balancing intelligently distributes and balances SIP traffic among multiple SIP servers and provides application persistence based on the unique SIP caller ID to ensure application and transaction integrity. Additionally, to ensure reliability and availability of SIP services, Array SIP Load Balancing is able to perform advanced health checks on SIP devices, routing SIP clients away from unstable or unreliable devices. SIP load balancing is critically important for successful, scalable VoIP telephony environments.

slb group method <group_name> [sipcid | sipuid] [rr | sr | lc] <lc_granularity>

 [sipcid | sipuid] - SIP CallID | SIP UserID
[rr | sr | lc] - First choice method (default is rr)
<lc_granularity> - Threshold before forwarding to another real server (optional, default is 10).