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Can I turn on UAC after L3VPN client is installed?
L3VPN will not work when UAC is enable, so it needs to be disable at all time until we have some alternative solution.
Not rated 11 Oct, 2007 Views: 230 Comments: 0
Why do I need to turn UAC off?
It is our current limitation on Windows Vista that L3VPN client can not install when UAC is enable.  It is required to disable it for L3VPN...
Not rated 11 Oct, 2007 Views: 234 Comments: 0
How to disable User Account Control (UAC)
1.  Click on Start -> Setting -> Control Panel 2. Open Users Accounts 3.  Select "Turn User Account Control On or...
Not rated 11 Oct, 2007 Views: 260 Comments: 0