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Does the ArrayOS support end to end SSL using fwd tcps?
ArrayOS does not support end to end (terminate ssl connection decrypt and encrypt again to send to backend server) SSL with fwd tcps.
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 304 Comments: 0
What version of SSL does ArrayOS support?
First of all, ArrayOS doesn't support SSLv2. IE supports the TLSv1, but it doesn't use TLSv1 to send the first Hello package, but uses the...
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 337 Comments: 0
What vendor should be used to acquire a certificate from Verisign or any CA?
Customer can select either Apache SSL or Apache Mod_SSL as a vendor to obtain the correct certificate format for ArrayOS.
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 309 Comments: 0
What "Compression Method" does ArrayOS SSL handshake accept?
The ArrayOS doesn't support any another compression method, except "null". Compression Method: null (0)If  the client requests...
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 268 Comments: 0
What value in ArrayOS is equivalent to "SSLSessionCacheTimeout" from Apache mod_ssl?
There is an equivalent value for this on the SP and TM. However, the timeout is not configurable. You can only switch the session reuse on (use ssl...
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What does the "Resumed SSL Session" mean?
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When Web or FTP (that is set by "ssl setting crl" for CRLDP) is down, will client authentication of Array SPX still work by CRLDP that the Array SPX has downloaded?
Client authentication will continue to work with the most recently downloaded CRL file. The SPX will only replace a working CRL file with a new CRL...
Not rated 15 Jan, 2008 Views: 290 Comments: 0
How does SSL port forwarding feature work?
The SSL port forwarding feature terminates and decrypts a SSL connection and forwards the decrypted traffic to the configured destination. In this...
Not rated 15 Jan, 2008 Views: 436 Comments: 0
PKI server (CA or RA) is used for authentication. Can Array SP bypass login and talk to the PKI server for the authentication?
The Array SP can do both login/password as well as PKI. It is possible to simply use client side certificates and disable the login/password process...
Not rated 15 Jan, 2008 Views: 372 Comments: 0
Do we support the Extended Validation SSL certificate or cipher suites?
For Extended Validation SSL certificate, there are more detail information added tothe SSL server certificate. These fields will let the latest...
Not rated 15 Jan, 2008 Views: 319 Comments: 0