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Rewrite Cookie (rc) SLB Definition

Rewrites server side cookies on the fly thereby allowing the backend servers to maintain persistence to a client. Ideal for sites that already use cookies and do not wish to add any new cookies. As the Array processes a response from one of the real services which is a member of the rewrite cookie group, it will search the cookie list in the response for the given cookie name. If it finds the cookie name, it will rewrite the corresponding cookie value and send to the defined backend server.

slb group method <group_name> rc cookie_name [off-set] [rr|sr|lc] [threshold]

“cookie_name” - is required as is the “offset” value.

[off_set] -  is the number of protected bytes in a backend server generated  cookie. Users must allow at least four (4) bytes of free space within the server cookie value for  the Array appliance to perform this task. The default value is zero (0).

[rr|sr|lc] - argument can be called the "first choice method". If a client request does not yet have an assigned real  service, this method will be used to choose a real service for that client, based on the request  properties appropriate to the group method. The [threshold] argument only applies if the "first  choice method" is lc, and is the same as the group method lc threshold parameter.