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User Management (1)
Admin AAA (1)
Setting up external server such as RADIUS and TAC_X for admin authentication.
System Configuration (3)
General settings, networking, clustering, webwall, and monitoring
Server Load Balancing (SLB) (45)
Configure Real services, virtual services, check lists, groups, application setting, and monitoring
Link Load Balancing (6)
Global Server Load Balancing/Smart DNS (GSLB/SDNS) (3)
SSL- Secure Sockets Layer (15)
Cryptographic protocol that provide secure communications on the Internet for such things as web browsing, e-mail, Internet faxing, instant messaging and other data transfers.
Clustering (17)
Virtual Clustering provides high availability to SLB VIPs for the outside interface and for redundant gateways via the inside interface.
HA (6)
Compression (8)
Administrators may maximize throughput to the desired site while end-users will experience quicker download speeds.
System Tools and Debugging (7)
Caching Proxy (3)
URL Filtering, http settings, and cache settings help
Other Features (3)
General features like Log alert, ISAPI, xmlrpc, SNMP, etc.