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Consistent Hash Header (chh) SLB Definition
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This SLB method is similar to the consistent hash IP (chi ) method.  However, it will perform persistence base on the HTTP header instead of the client IP address. It calculate the hash key to find a hash node. If the real service member is active, then it will forward the request to the real service.  When there is an inactive real service member, we will recalculate the hashkey to find another hashnode. When the secondly chosen real service is  also inactive, it will calculate the hashkey for the third real service in the member.

slb group method <g_name> chh <header name>

<g_name> - group name
<header_name> - the name of header, which should be in use. "url" means use the url string(not including hostname).

When the group setting is changed(members are added or removed), the persistence will be destroyed. But disable/enable a member in the group will not destroy the persistence.

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