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Why log alert is not working?
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The log alert is configured accordingly to handbook, but it is not sending out email alert when the error is logged.  In normal cases, email will send out as configured when an error is logged.  In general, it does not work because the DNS server problem.  It is required that the DNS need to response with a MX record for the mail server.

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  • 06 Mar, 2014   |   Joji

  • Please share the CLI commands to configure the email alerts on APV 2600. Also share the pre-reqisites for the configuration. Please confirm if this alert is working in any implemented site

  • 29 Nov, 2012   |  Jagdish

  • log alerts are not working. Array team in not giviing requried support on this. they do not have clear document why DNS is coming into picture. how to bypass DNS. is there any way to add local entry.

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