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How does ART replication work and steps for setup?
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The boxes have art replication enabled.
Any users added to the Master box should automatically be added to the Backup.
Export your ART database and then try the following steps.
art export users tftp <ART instance> <TFTP server IP> <Filename>
art export users tftp default artdb
1. Take both boxes out of art replication
art replication leave
2. Join both boxes into art replication.
Run once only on Master box
art replication join <IP of backup node>
art replication join
3. Check status on both boxes
show art replication status – Status should be Master – Status should be Synchronized
4. Verify the number of users and desktops are the same.
show art tech
5. Now, add a user to the master box.
art user default testuser testpassword
6. Verify the number of users increased by 1 on both boxes.
This will confirm if ART replication is working.
show art tech
You can remove the user afterwards.
no art user default testuser

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