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Desktop Direct Configuration on AG
About Desktop Direct (DD) DesktopDirect
Not rated 13 Mar, 2022 Views: 279 Comments: 0
How to publishing applications using Windows Terminal server?
Publishing applications using Windows Terminal server. In some organisation due to security reasons and compliance issue IT admins wants to restrict...
Not rated 08 Dec, 2021 Views: 9403 Comments: 287
What are the steps to setup DD with MAC OS support?
The new MacOS client for DD is available and on the support site. The client needs to be installed on the MacOS but does not offer any user interface...
Not rated 06 Apr, 2012 Views: 431 Comments: 0
What are the settings needed to prepare for upgrading from 8.4.4.x to 8.4.6.x with DD enabled?
The new Application Guide for Desktop Direct 3.1 can be downloaded...
Not rated 06 Apr, 2012 Views: 362 Comments: 0
How does ART replication work and steps for setup?
The boxes have art replication enabled. Any users added to the Master box should automatically be added to the Backup.   Export your ART...
Not rated 15 Aug, 2011 Views: 391 Comments: 0