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RTSP SLB Definition

Array appliance enables companies to optimize streaming media resources by intelligently and transparently switching requests to RTSP media servers or caches. RTSP load balancing only supports filetype, default, backup and static policy. In filetype policy, the real service is selected based on the file extension names. For example, client request for “rtsp://” will hit the RTSP SLB group corresponding to “mp3” filetype. Particularly, RTSP SLB supports two working modes: “REDIRECT” and “Dynamic NAT”.

Redirect mode:
The media stream will not pass through Array appliance. After Array appliance retrieves Request-URL from the client request, it will select a real service according to the file type, and then send a “REDIRECT” response to inform the client to access the selected real service.

Dynamic NAT mode:
Media stream will pass through Array appliance. After Array appliance selects a real service according to the policy, it will retrieve the media transport information from the negotiation between the client and the real service. And then implement dynamic NAT for media streaming packets according to their requirement. All connections (TCP and UDP) of one RTSP session will be closed when the control connection tears down.