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Insert Cookie (ic) SLB Definition

This SLB method dynamically inserts cookies to client session to allow the ArrayOS to maintain persistence to a backend server. As the proxy processes a response from one of the real services which is a member of an insert cookie group, it will insert a cookie into the response with a given cookie name. The value of this cookie will be a unique identifier for the real service. In subsequent requests, this unique ID is used to provide persistence to the same real service for all requests.

slb group method <group_name> ic [cookie_name] [add_path] [rr|sr|lc] [threshold]

[cookie_name] - If no cookie_name is provided Array will generate a cookie name.

[add_path]  - Providing 1 in place of the add_path argument will insure that
inserted cookie will have Path attribute of "/", no path will be included in the cookie if 0 is
provided. By default no path will be included in the cookie.

[rr|sr|lc] - argument can be called the "first choice method". If a client request does not yet have an assigned real service, this
method will be used to choose a real service for that client, based on the request properties appropriate to the group method. 

[threshold] - argument only applies if the "first choice method" is lc, and is the same as the group method lc threshold parameter.