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Hash Cookie (hc) SLB Definition

Map requests with the same cookie value to the same real service in this group. The cookie value is determined by which policy was followed to reach this group

When trying to match this policy, search the cookie list of the request for a cookie with a name equal to <cookie_name>. If such a cookie is found, then the policy matches and the cookie value is passed to the group lookup routine for finding the corresonding real service.

1. Real service selection is based on a hash of the specified cookie’s value.
2. Used when each client browser session to the web site results in a unique cookie value for that browser session.

Basically this is very similar to persistence cookie. The only different is that Array will hash a cookie value from the server and automatically (rr) assigned to a real server for persistency. With persistence cookie, the server will need to provide the correct cookie’s value for backend server.

slb group method <group_name> hc [rr|sr|lc]

<group_name> - SLB group name

[rr|sr|lc] - argument can be called the "first choice method". If a client request does not yet have an
assigned real service, this method will be used to choose a real service for that client, based on
the request properties appropriate to the group method.