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SLB Methods in Term OSI Concept

The Array TMX provides a lot of server loan balancing (SLB) method. To better help you in determining a suitable SLB method you can categories them into the OSI layer.

Layer 7 SLB Methods:
-Persistent Cookie (pc)
-Persistent Hostname (ph)
-Persistent URL (pu)
-Insert Cookie (ic)
-Rewrite Cookie (rc)
-Embed Cookie (ec)
-Hash Cookie (hc)
-Hash Header (hh)
-Consistent Hash Header (chh)
-Hash URL (hashurl)
-Regular Expresssion (regex)
-File Type (filetype)

-QoS Cookie (cookie)
-QoS Hostname (hostname)
-Qos URL (url)

Layer 6 SLB Methods:
-SNMP (snmp)

Layer 4 SLB Methods:
-Round Robin (rr)
-Least Connection (lc)
-Shortest Response (sr)
-Persistentt IP (pi)
-Hash IP (hi)
-Consistent Hash IP (chi)

-Proximity (prox)
-Port Range SLB

-QoS Client Port (clientport)
-QoS Network (network)

Layer 3 SLB Methods:
-SIP CallID (sipcid)
-SIP UserID (sipuid)
-L3 IP Based (slb real ip)

Layer 2 SLB Methods:
-L2 MAC Based (slb real l3mac)