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What are the error codes for client authentication on SpeedCore platform?
ErrorCode: 901SSL server requires client certificate. ErrorCode: 902The client certificate's signature is...
Not rated 14 Nov, 2011 Views: 628 Comments: 0
What are the options needed to be configured to SSL offload OWA server?
When you use an SSL hardware accelerator placed before the Outlook Web Access server and the SSL session is terminated by the accelerator, the...
Not rated 21 Jan, 2010 Views: 390 Comments: 0
How should ArrayOS be configured to work with MTA mail client on MAC OS with IMAPS?
Information about MAC client:1) Mac OS X Version 10.4.9 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Mail Version 2.1.1 (752.3) 2) Mac OS X Version 10.4.9 PowerPC G5...
Not rated 12 Mar, 2008 Views: 320 Comments: 0
What does the "SSL: received a record with incorrect length" error mean?
This message indicates the clients have sent a bad SSL record to the Array, and ArrayOS rejected it. It does not cause any harm.
Not rated 12 Mar, 2008 Views: 263 Comments: 0
What is the expected log message when the value of SSL connection per second reaches the upper limit?
CRIT Feb 16 17:31:58 SSL: Memory allocation failure
Not rated 12 Mar, 2008 Views: 286 Comments: 0
What version of SSL does ArrayOS support?
First of all, ArrayOS doesn't support SSLv2. IE supports the TLSv1, but it doesn't use TLSv1 to send the first Hello package, but uses the...
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 445 Comments: 0
What vendor should be used to acquire a certificate from Verisign or any CA?
Customer can select either Apache SSL or Apache Mod_SSL as a vendor to obtain the correct certificate format for ArrayOS.
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 345 Comments: 0
What "Compression Method" does ArrayOS SSL handshake accept?
The TMX doesn't support any another compression method, except "null". Compression Method: null (0)If  the client requests without...
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 256 Comments: 0
What value in ArrayOS is equivalent to "SSLSessionCacheTimeout" from Apache mod_ssl?
There is an equivalent value for this on the SP and TM. However, the timeout is not configurable. You can only switch the session reuse on (use ssl...
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 309 Comments: 1
Can a single SSL setting be applied to multiple virtual services?
Question related: ssl host virtual "any-hostname" "v1sslssl host virtual "any-hostname" "v2sslssl settings...
Not rated 11 Mar, 2008 Views: 396 Comments: 0