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Migration from Cluster to HA configuration
Not rated 13 Mar, 2022 Views: 320 Comments: 0
How does cluster virtual behave differently with and without FFO?
Situation #1. "cluster virtual ffo off"   AN1(master) sends VRRP packets on a routine schedule, and AN2(backup) doesn't send VRRP...
Not rated 08 Apr, 2011 Views: 522 Comments: 0
What is advertisement interval in clustering?
Advertisement interval broadcast its current state/status (backup or master) to the other unit.  The default interval is 5 second.
Not rated 30 Sep, 2008 Views: 294 Comments: 0
What does Authentication code means in Clustering?
By default cluster authentication is disable (0). Enable cluster authentication (1) needs to specify the same authentication password in simple text...
Not rated 30 Sep, 2008 Views: 298 Comments: 0
How do I set my Virtual Cluster State to Master or Backup?
When Preemption is enabled (preemption = 1 in CLI), the Cluster Virtual ID with the highest priority will be in the master state. Preemption is...
Not rated 30 Sep, 2008 Views: 446 Comments: 0
How do I know if my virtual clustering configuration is in Active-Standby or Active-Active mode for my APV/TMX?
Your virtual cluster state would help you determine.  Using webui under “system configuration” -> clustering -> Virtual...
Not rated 30 Sep, 2008 Views: 422 Comments: 0
Why cluster status on both units show as Master?
It's most likely that both units are not seeing each other heart beat.  They use VRRP to communicate to each other.  You may want to check...
Not rated 22 Jan, 2008 Views: 344 Comments: 0
When would I cluster the inside interface?
If you run the system mode as transparent, you'll need to cluster the inside interface.  In running as transparent mode, your real servers have...
Not rated 18 Jan, 2008 Views: 450 Comments: 0
What interface should I cluster?
Normally, you would cluster the outside interface or an interface that bind the VIPs, but other interfaces like inside interface, bond, vlan can be...
Not rated 18 Jan, 2008 Views: 349 Comments: 0
How many VIPs can I configure in one Virtual Cluster ID?
It is supported up to 255 VIPs per Virtual Cluster ID (VCID).
Not rated 18 Jan, 2008 Views: 383 Comments: 0