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How can one verify the syslogTrap, CaStart, and CaShutdown?
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The Array APV box will only send out the following 3 SNMP traps when "snmp enable traps" is turned on.
Syslog Messages         - 
To verify this trap, setup your snmp host and turn on syslog:
snmp host <SNMP_server_IP> <Version> <Community_String>
log on
log test
The are are the snmp daemon start/shutdown. When
the snmpd start, OID's trap will be sent; when the snmp
shutdown, OID's trap will be sent.
CaStart            -            
To verify this trap, you have to power up the Array box with the Array SNMP setting already saved. (NOTE: If your switch have spanning tree or some delay due to switch port activation, then you may not see this message.)
CaShutdown   -            
To verify this trap, you have to shutdown or reboot the Array box.
system shutdown
system reboot

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