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Why backend server compression doesn't work?
In order to use compression feature from the backend server through Array TMX, the virtual VIP needs to use TCP or TCPS (L4) instead of http or...
Not rated 17 Jul, 2008 Views: 269 Comments: 0
How does the compression throughput is measured?
The compression throughput is depending on whether it is compressed by software or hardware and model.  Most of TMX model uses software...
Not rated 08 Jul, 2008 Views: 415 Comments: 0
What are the compressible content type?
All browsers can compress HTML, XML, Text, and Microsoft Word documents.  Other file types like JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), and...
Not rated 24 Jun, 2008 Views: 266 Comments: 0
What are the compression algorithms can the TMX support?
It support GZIP algorithm which is the default algorithm by browsers and describe in RFC 1952.
Not rated 24 Jun, 2008 Views: 249 Comments: 0
How many compression policy rules can be configured by virtual service?
There aren't any limit on compression policy rules, but it is limit to availabe memory.  It can be configured as many as possible, as long as...
Not rated 24 Jan, 2008 Views: 282 Comments: 0
Can compression perform base on the file extension?
The compression perform base on the MIME type not file extension because some file extention such as script can return as Microsoft Word MIME...
Not rated 24 Jun, 2008 Views: 279 Comments: 0
How do I know if the compression is actually working after turn it on?
There are statistic data that provide the throughput and compression ratio information.  It can be viewed by execute the command "show...
Not rated 23 Jan, 2008 Views: 253 Comments: 0
Can enable compression feature be enabled by virtual site?
It can be turn on by each virtual site.  It will need to be turn on global first, then disable the one that doesn't need the feature.
Not rated 23 Jan, 2008 Views: 271 Comments: 0