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URL Filtering (7)
The ArrayOS also offers the additional security mechanism of URL Filtering, protecting against Buffer Overflow Attacks, Parser Evasion Attacks, Directory Traversal Attacks, as well as other hacker strategies.

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How are the cache memory allocated in 8.x?
current/cache/total/max) current - used by application.cache  - hold by system memory cache of zonetotal    - hold by...
Not rated 13 Dec, 2012 Views: 304 Comments: 0
What is the percentage of the total memory is allocated for caching in SpeedCore (8.x)?
The allocated memory from caching is hard coded at 25% of the total memory. System with 32 GB will have 8 GB for caching.
Not rated 08 Apr, 2011 Views: 286 Comments: 0
How do I prevent BOA, PEA, DTA and other hacker strategies attack?
Configuring URL Filtering will prevent BOA (Buffer Overflow Attacks), PEA (Parser Evasion Attacks), DTA (Directory Traversal Attacks) and other...
Not rated 30 Sep, 2008 Views: 276 Comments: 0